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Do you require a construction company to install kitchens? Can you have the services like security, reception , and even cleaning in your rental contract or is it not? Are you required to handle repair and maintenance or does the landlord that is responsible? Is insurance available? There are other fees in addition to the rent? What’s the process as well as the amount of notice required to terminate a lease rental contract? 12. Modifications

Your workplace can have an impact on your wellbeing, happiness as well as productivity and general wellbeing. It also has an impact on the perception of your company by customers and staff. You should determine if you’ll be able to modify the design with assistance from a home builder or make modifications in the office space, if you lease it. It’s worth looking into alternative options in case there’s not enough space for customizing the space. Every company is unique.

13. Rental or Lease Options

Commercial real estate is also offered for lease or rent. Lease of offices is the most common way to rent space from business landlords. It is common to sign an extended lease (typically for at least one year) and paying the rent on time, and having great credit. The building may require you to manage its maintenance which includes electricity and plumbing. Even though it’s expensive, this is an incredibly common office rental for businesses that would like to own the building on their own and access to a building.

A different option to leasing, a serviced or semi-serviced workspace can be rented to a property manager on either per month or on a temporary basis. The offices typically are located in buildings with multiple commercial offices occupied by various businesses. Renting a semi-serviced, or serviced office is better suited to business owners.



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