The Life of a Dentist – Dental Magazine

This video discusses small-practice dentistry. The life of a dentist is different for various practitioners.

Once he has entered the dental office The first thing a dentist has to do is wear the lab coat. Another thing he will do is to return lab and patient phone calls. Third thing he will do is to acknowledge his assistant as well as greet personnel. After the dentist has completed the first step, all staff members begins to transition into the routine.

Following a discussion with the personnel members, the dentist checks each of the items to be sure that the products that are to be shipped are in good quality. For instance, he may examine partial dentures to make sure that the lab has the correct measurements so that the process goes without a hitch.

The dentist is then scheduled to go to the front desk to talk to the front desk staff about those patients on his waiting list. Dental professionals will review any accounts that are not paid and remind the patients about any outstanding debts. The day’s activities begin when the first patient walks into the building.



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