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SEO Reselling What It Is And How To Get In On It

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SEO, or search engine optimization, has become one of the hottest advertising strategies since the internet became mainstream. A large majority of internet users do product research on the internet, and using SEO marketing to sell products and services via the internet is 14% more effective than any other kind of advertising. Essentially, SEO resellers work with the algorithms of large search engine sites like Google and Bing so that their client companies come up higher in results. An SEO reseller also probably has a lot of ancillary knowledge about web design and media strategy that can be extremely useful to a client.

If you’re sitting there at Starbucks with your Mass Communications degree and are now thinking of cutting out the middle man by googling “how to be an SEO reseller,” we want you to know that we support you. And hey, if you can’t find the answer to “how to be an SEO reseller” on Google then the SEO companies aren’t doing their jobs! One thing that makes the “how to be an SEO reseller” query difficult however is that the answer is almost always “it depends.” No client company is exactly the same — a small Mom and Pop shop that sells holiday items is going to have different reselling priorities than a law firm, for example.

If you want to have any hope of becoming a great SEO reseller or content writer, then you’re going to have to know the following things:

1. Basic Market Trends (Or Where To Find Them)
To produce what works, you have to know what works. Of course, it’s impossible to understand the ins and outs of historical buying trends and best marketing practices for every industry. So, you have to be a good and thorough researcher and flexible imitator if you’re to be successful in the SEO business.

2. How to Write CLEARLY and SUCCINCTLY
Writing ad copy or strategic blog content for clients isn’t like writing an essay or a letter to your mother. It involves using targeted key word densities while still making content flow and sound natural. Furthermore, you are dealing with the attention span of The General Internet Reader, so your content has to be short and efficient, usually under 700 words or so.

3. How to Package Services in Visually Appealing and Utilitarian Ways
If you want to be a niche worker within an SEO company, then by all means, get really good at your “thing” and become a content specialist, or a research specialist. But if you want to conduct the band, then you need to be market-savvy and have a big picture approach. This means integrating a number of popular SEO services such as educational webinars, content writing, and web design into appealing packages within your target client demographic’s price range.

When conducting an internet search, most users never scroll past the first page of results. If that doesn’t impress upon you the power of this extraordinary marketing tool, we don’t know what will. Getting in on the SEO reselling business is, in our opinion, one of the most viable career ambitions out there.


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