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Ay staff in accordance with experience and ability (rates are typically between $25 and $100 for an hour). Depending on the number of customers you’ll be servicing, budget for anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000 for tools and parts. If you’ve got all your costs in mind and budgeted for, remember you should choose a spot that’s extremely busy choose a good staff and market your shop.
Automotive Painting Business

Enterpreneur.com says that the initial cost to start an auto-body painting business could range between $10,000 to $50,000. The equipment needed will include spray guns, an air compressor, and a dual-action sander. You may also need an automatic slide hammer, a body hammer, or a dolly set. One of the most important requirements is that either you or your employee has the necessary skill knowledge and expertise to paint. Like an auto repair shop your business plan for auto repair can also include franchising. Touch Up Guys and Aero Colours are just two examples of franchises providing auto painting.

You can create a company’s legal entity, whether that is a sole proprietorship, partnership or limited liability corporation. In partnership with an auto repair shop that does not offer paint can make it easier to reduce startup cost. It is possible to benefit from the customer base they have, and even share costs. When you become an insurance company approved provider, you can get additional customers. The majority of insurance companies recommend customers to automotive painting shops. Also, as with running an auto repair business, don’t forget to market yourself on the internet and through traditional media.

Vehicle Upholstery Repair Service

A vehicle upholstery service is the 3rd alternative. It covers repair and restoration, as well as cleaning and conditioning custom reupholstery and custom design, as along with upholstery repairs. If you’re your sole employee of the business, upholstery repair can be an income-generating business.



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