Woman Lives to 118 Years Old – Entertainment News Today

Fe is valuable. It’s not plentiful. Every second counts so it’s important to get the most out of it. Kane Tanaka was a Japanese woman who passed away in recent times. It is not unusual given that a great many people pass away every single day. However, what makes this unique is that she lived to the crisp old age of 118. In this documentary we will tell you more.

The funeral for Tanaka took place after her passing. The woman she loved was beloved. Her funeral was attended by a large number of people who celebrated her life. She meant so much to a lot of people. She wasn’t a character who lived a short time, but she achieved live her greatest life over the course of 100 years. Everyone can take a lesson from this experience. The issue is not always about how long you live however, it’s about who you are, and what you do during that duration. It’s important to take care for the people around you during the limited moments we’re to live on the planet. spending time with those we cherish, helping those suffering and enjoying each and every day should be priorities.



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