Woman Lives to 118 Years Old – Entertainment News Today

Ife is a precious thing. It is limited in quantity. It’s essential to take benefit of every moment. Recently it was reported that a Japanese woman by the name of Kane Tanaka, passed away. It is not unusual, since many people pass away each day. The thing that makes her unique but is the fact that she survived to the age of at least 118. In this documentary, you will learn more.

Tanaka’s funeral service was an aid after her passing. Tanaka was loved by many. Funerals were attended by numerous people who were able to celebrate her life. A lot of people will be missing her. The reason was not that she lived a long time, she lived life to its fullest for those 118 years. Everyone can take a lesson from her example. This isn’t about the length of your existence, but about what and who you choose to do with your time. It is important to care for people during the little time that we have to live on the planet. It is important to spend time with people we cherish and helping the poor and finding happiness in each and every moment.



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