Which Type of Material is Best for Your Driveway? – Home Improvement Tax

ses three different types of material used for driveways.
Asphalt Asphalt driveways need the greatest amount of maintenance of the three types of materials. Also, it is the most economical to set up. It can be easily damaged by cars and weather. Cracks could develop and extend over the whole driveway but they’re also a simple fix. Concrete is the second material mentioned in this video. It’s also the most cost-effective. Unsealed concrete may be damaged through salt. Concrete should be used in a cautious manner. If the concrete isn’t being exposed to salt, it is the least need in maintenance out of all the three types of materials. Paver, the last and costliest of these materials, is paver. Pavers may be affected by plants. The best option is to spray cracks on the surface to rid the area of growing weeds.

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