What to Do When Facing a DUI – New York State Law

Have you had to confront the aftermath of a crash caused by alcohol and you’ll be able to see that the consequences can be devastating. For drivers who are caught driving with DUI can result in jail time, fines, community service, and even license suspension.

Drunk driving remains a common offense despite severe punishments. According to drunkdrivingprevention.com, nearly 1.5 million yearly arrests relate to intoxicated driving. If you’re arrested for driving while impaired you must consult an experienced attorney. An experienced DUI lawyer is equipped with the necessary information and skills for your particular situation. If you are convicted of a first DUI conviction could result in a penalty and community service hours. If you’ve been charged with a third or subsequent DUI conviction, it’s a good idea to consider an alcohol treatment program before getting back on the road.

Another aspect you might want to understand is: will you ever receive a ticket for DUI? Then you will receive an summons or ticket in connection with DUI and the court date. The risk is that you could be charged with grave DUI charges and no license. If you’re found guilty of driving intoxicated and then are detained for DUI There will be two charges. You will be charged with driving while impaired or driving with no license. u3cr62qdzs.


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