What Are the Symptoms of PCOS? – Andre Blog

If you suspect you may be suffering from PCOS, what are some indications to watch for? These are the things you must know.
One of the most common symptoms of PCOS is the discomfort of menstrual cycles. Though some cramping can be normal, women affected by PCOS are often experiencing extremely painful menstrual cycles that leave the sufferer feeling sick. This can be due to several cysts that are located in the ovaries that could be painful once they develop and explode. It’s essential to have an ultrasound scan performed by your doctor if believe you are suffering with PCOS.
Other signs associated with PCOS are severe acne as well as the growth of hair on the facia. This can be attributed to an increase in androgen levels. Some patients will notice the loss of hairs on their face and upper lip, as well as the chin, and neck, too. PCOS is a very common condition that is affecting a large number of people. Being aware of the symptoms and signs are essential to be treated immediately. 4473dajggf.


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