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Patients who need to recover mobility after a stroke could need different care than a patient who suffered from a sports-related injury. Such needs result in the necessity of specialization within various fields of physical therapy such as orthopedics and geriatrics. Which are the different types of work in the field of physical therapy? Physical therapists, like other physicians and medical specialists, are highly-specialized. Each specialization has its own distinct contribution to the rehab program of the patient. Here are a few: Geriatric Physical Therapist The professionals aid elderly patients to achieve high levels of physical fitness as they get older. They determine the cause of the condition and design a treatment program with physical activities for the patient in order to stay physically active and fit. After the treatment plan is executed, the therapist will monitor the patient’s progress and adjusts the plan based on progress. Geriatric physical therapists often work in assisted living institutions such as outpatient hospitals, as well as nursing home. Some assist patients on an individual basis. The required education requirement is the doctorate degree in physical therapy before becoming a geriatric physical therapist. Since this APTA Vision 2020 declaration was adopted, this requirement has been made mandatory. To make sure that future physical therapy students can sit for a licensure exam, the APTA has increased the demands of physical therapy as a field. In limiting entry into the profession, this requirement assists the physical therapists who practice. But, this means more time frames for training, and less years earning money, particularly when students have loans for their education. 2. Pediatric Physical Therapists These specialists are trained to provide therapies to children with various injuries and congenital problems among other things to do with kids. They include: Autism Muscular Dystrophy Traumatic Brain injury and Down Syndrome Arthri fvqpw3nyvw.


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