What are Bail Bonds? – Attorney Newsletter


If someone is accused of serious crimes, they are required to sit and wait for the hearing of an attorney until they can be let out of jail. In this hearing, the judge will determine a bail amount. The bail amount is required to be paid for the purpose of getting out of prison. If you’re not able to pay bail the bail, you’ll require an emergency bail bonds firm for help in paying it.

The bail bonds firm will come to you at the jail to make the bail, or visit your house to discuss the bail. The bail payment over the phone or via the internet if you are far from the jail. The bail bonds person will charge you between 10 and 15% of the bail. Then, they will place your bail in the care of the jail to ensure that they can let the individual out. A judge will decide on the conditions.

Anyone who has been released has to appear for all of their court dates. The bail company will take the cash back in case they fail to appear on time for court appearances. The bail company will be able to track individuals and will send the person to jail.



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