The Basics on Auto Body Repair – How to Fix a Car

collision repairs require a special technique that’s been refined over the years through formal education as well as on the job experience. The process of becoming a specialist repairer of automobiles requires continued training and education to ensure your abilities are sharp.

The video featured here is one of an ongoing series of repairs to the body. The info in this video originates from an workshop on body repair. The presenter is in the body shop so that they can educate employees and educate them. The presentation provides information that is paid through shops.

This video will give you instruction on the fundamentals of bodywork. This video is small but jam-packed with details. The video contains amazing information and totally gratis.

The video will provide you with the basics to be incorporated into your car body repair skills. This brief video offers important information that can help any budding auto body repair expert to elevate their skills. This video is for both professionals and DIYers interested in automotive bodywork. Check out this video today.



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