Learn How to Troubleshoot Common Garage Door Issues – Home Improvement Tax


The speaker claims that homeowners can resolve most of the common garage door opener problems in their own home, and dedicates his time to explaining for some how to accomplish this.

When someone pushes the remote button but there is no response, this is the initial issue discussed by the speaker. It is important to ensure there is power available. It is possible to check the power source of an outlet by plugging in another device. In addition, the user can look for the sensors with green LEDs to check if they’re on or off. If there is no light, it could indicate a power issue.

If the outlet isn’t producing any electricity or signal, then it’s time to check the fuse box at house and locate the main breaker switch. This could just have to be reset. It’s as easy as turning it off and checking if it opens. This could resolve the issue. However, the video gives more choices.


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