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The installation of a French drain system is sometimes necessary, but it may not be required at all times. Imagine a scenario in which rainwater pours down onto a specific area which creates the most pressure on water due to being situated at a low-lying position from where the water has nowhere else to go other than towards the foundation of your house. If this is the case the best option is to put in a French drain system.

But, you might not have to put in the system in other cases as there is no proper drainage and the soil soaks all of the water. In this situation, it is recommended to improve the soil in order for rainwater to easily be able to flow away from your house’s walls. Demolition contractors will dig trenches and grade the trenches to a lower level than your desired surface.

The location and slope of the trench play significant roles in determining whether drainage is feasible. After grading is completed, re-sod your lawn if necessary but make sure you only use topsoil as it holds more moisture than subsoil, the base layer. 5egwhwe4ix.


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