How Can You Stop Trailer Sway? Online Magazine Publishing

The motor manufacturer provides these tips on reducing trailer sway.

The trailer can be upgraded by changing its hitch to a trailer-sway control hitch (also called a weight distribution hitch). The trailer will stay steady due to the wider frame and spring bars. This can help prevent unnecessary strain on your truck. If you’re not ready to buy a whole new hitch, you can add weight-control bars to your current hitch.

If you hitch up your trailer, and the rear part of your truck has a tendency to sag or appear to be pulled lower than the front part is the time to consider the trailer sway control hitch and your truck is going to soon need expensive repair.

A lot of newer trucks come with indicators on the dashboard that your trailer is starting to move. It will also show that appears on the dashboard of your vehicle. Then slow your speed. If that does not help remove your vehicle of the road. Make sure the trailer is well-attached. Check inside the trailer to examine the contents to see if they have been relocated so that they’re all on the same side. Make sure to split the contents so that they’re distributed evenly in the trailer. z8dl7bih5h.


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