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An irrigation system. It makes watering your plants or crops easy. In this video, we will demonstrate how they work.

The video shows five components in sprinkler systems. These are pipe tubing, valves sprinkler heads and backflow stoppers and the control system composed of the timer controller, as well as the clock. Water is supplied to the dwelling by the water supply. Backflow prevention prevents contaminated water being returned to the house. It tells the valves that it is time to close or open. Each valve manages a particular group of sprinklers known as a station or station. A timer is used to control when the valves turn on, which control the sprinklers. The pressure of water is utilized to force water into the sprinklers in accordance with the timer. Most often, PVC pipe is utilized for the sprinklers. There are various types of heads for sprinklers. This includes pop-ups and shrub-types as well as rotor-type sprinklers. To water taller plants pop-ups may be utilized while shrub-type sprinklers are best. Sprinklers of the type Rotor use multiple streams for watering large areas. The plants and the areas that you wish to water determine the type of sprinkler that you use.



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