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As a caregiver it could be exhausting, unhealthy and difficult to support an elderly person’s health. You may notice it as well and be anxious too. Like the flight attendant analogy the caregiver journaling can keep you healthy and help others. Air attendants should first put on their oxygen masks when they are in an emergency situation before they can help other people.

A study from the Advances in Psychiatric Treatment journal discovered that journaling helps individuals to focus their minds and focus on one thing. Journaling also assists in removing thoughts and information in the brain. Journaling helps you focus. Healthy caregivers are healthier for seniors in general health, compared to unhealthy ones.

2. This will help you detect health changes early

Journaling with your caregiver can allow you to detect health issues before they become serious this is among the ways in which journaling can aid older adults’ healthy tracking. Certain seniors’ health deterioration happens over time with small steps. As an example, dementia signs can develop gradually and can include mood swings anxiety surges, memory loss, or random memory lapses. It would be much easier to deal with issues knowing how they have progressed.

Health tracking requires having actual-time data at a certain date, and keeping a caregiving journal can help with this. For instance, you can go to a dentist for your elderly loved ones who show evidence of pain. Your caregiver will help you identify patterns while they are developing instead of after they’ve taken shape.

Your time is spent most of the time as a caregiver with patients. Sometime, things may slip your notice because of other urgent issues. You don’t need to keep track of everything, but journaling can provide a glimpse of their life.

3. For providing accurate and precise Information to Health Care Providers

Even though you could be your your primary caregiver, it’s most likely you’re working together with others.



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