Do This BEFORE Paying Your Medical Bills! – Biology of Aging


These are among the most expensive payments that anyone could face. There are many who choose not to take emergency transport because of ambulance bills. Though there are numerous easy and simple ways to strengthen your immune system and avoid hospitals, injuries do happen all the time. If you’ve received unexpected medical expenses, don’t worry! The video outlines smart strategies to get started on making payments on medical expenses.

First of all, when you first open the bill, examine the details. Verify that your name is rightly spelled, the date of birth is accurate and your social security number is valid. There have been instances when hospitals send in an insurance claim under your name , but they spell your name wrong, the claim is declined. If all of your information is accurate, you need to jump to checking that they have run your invoice through the insurance company. This small detail can be the difference between a $500 bill and a $25 bill. Always make sure to verify your claim.



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