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The colder weather causes your batteries to run out of juice quickly. The batteries should be replaced for all smoke detectors as well as carbon monoxide at least once a year.

Some people think the house is safe since they have smoke alarms throughout the house. While this will greatly increase the chance of you surviving in a fire, it will guarantee that you’re safe when the smoke alarms aren’t working. Only smoke alarms that are working be effective. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors should be installed inside all bedrooms as well as outside any sleeping area that is separate. It may be necessary to change your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors when they’re not functioning properly or start to lose their effectiveness. It’s a great idea to replace your smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector that is older over 10 years. The manufacture of these units typically has a date printed on the backside advising that they are due for replacement.

Inspect Your Heating System’s Filters

It is important to replace your heating system’s air filters is one of the most effective winter homeowner maintenance tips that you can apply to the furnace, and even your money. Clogged or dirty air filters can make furnaces more difficult to keep you warm; over time, this added work is likely to wear down the furnace. Replacement of an old air filter with one that is clean keeps your home more comfortable, and also saves the cost of energy. The need for a new filter occurs every two months during the time of heating. Some heating systems have permanently installed filters that are simple to inspect and clean; they are less troublesome to maintain as they don’t require replacing frequently.

But most forced-air furnaces use disposable filters, which can be purchased for a low cost and are readily available from your local or business. While disposable filters are easy to iw3tb2nizv.


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