Clumsy Burglar Falls Over USS Constitutions

the typical burglar is unsteady and stupid. The truth is that most burglars are not although the situation can be a bit different. In this clip it is a funny burglar (with incredible sense of style) do a little spill directly in front of surveillance cameras. He will be serving some prison time.

Kent’s Meats and Groceries can be located in Redding (California). The 5th of March, 2013, a burglar attempted to steal the shop. The criminal stood in front of the store in a mask, but without a disguise. The burglar then throws a brick towards it. The brick breaks the glass but it doesn’t crack it. The arrogant burglar is aware of the error and tries to escape. He stumbles onto the curb, and then takes a tumble on the sidewalk. An expert said this person could be accused of vandalism and not for breaching the security of the building. It is because the person didn’t actually get into the structure. In addition, he did not possess adequate tools to gain entry such as a screwdriver or the crowbar. He also attempted to get away also means it is unlikely that he will be prosecuted with burglary. There is a chance that he could still serve an up to one-year time in prison due to vandalism. On the bright side, Kent’s Meats and Groceries is getting some attention due to the incident, and it is certain to surpass the damage.



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