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g to the manufacturers Sash windows are made to let cool air flow through on the underside while the hot air is let out of the tops.

Shut the balcony or patio doors for the next day before the temperature gets too warm. At times, it’s tempting to pull open the curtains or windows when the temperature is warm. However, the outside temperature is much higher than inside your house.

After closing windows, the warm air doesn’t get into the house; how to keep your home cool during a heatwave can be done.

4. Food outside is best and you should avoid cooking in the oven

Summer is the best time to enjoy your most loved barbecues. Because the weather is hot sitting inside could make you feel uncomfortable. Move your dinner from inside to outside dining, which allows for cool breezes and greater freedom.

Eating outside can be a good outdoor experience. For a more enjoyable experience, don’t be afraid following these tips.

Make a shade out of sheets or bamboo. Make your eating experience memorable by incorporating some outdoor time after dining. Your meal is best enjoyed outdoors. 8ei1tjsrxx.


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