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Before You Resell SEO Today Read This Article

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The search engine industry is estimated to be worth nearly $16 billion USD. When you resell SEO you become part of an already large market which is growing larger every day, thanks to the marketing opportunities which are available on big sites like Google and Bing, and through social media sites which also see millions of users and new posts every day. It is thought that by 2016, more than 50 percent of the dollars spent in US retail will be influenced by online marketing and the right web presence.

If you resell SEO that is successful in marketing for your clients, then it can help them to take the right step forward into a future where having the right face on the web can make a big difference for revenue and profit, which in turn means more opportunities for you as a marketer. Hosting is also an important aspect of how they will be perceived, so your services should be as all encompassing as possible. There are also social media users to consider, as nine out of ten adults who are often online will use social media sites extensively. Now, more than ever, it is important to resell SEO that is going to catch the attention of both users and search engines alike. If you want to be a SEO reseller who can stand out, then you need to help your clients to stand out as well.

Using the right search engine marketing can help you to resell SEO that your clients will know is high quality, because they will see results in their own sales. According to Forrester Research, online sales have been expected to go up from 7 percent of overall retail sales to nearly 9 percent by 2016. Although 2 percent may not sound like much on paper, when discussing industries where billions of dollars are changing hands, it can be quite massive. You can resell SEO that can help your clients to take part in the rise of online sales, or just help them to get the recognition that they need to make more sales to local clients. Whatever their motivation is, you need to provide them with search marketing that makes a difference. You can resell SEO and social media in that regard; 94 percent of social media marketers will track the amount of fans and followers of clients to get more information and better results for the future.


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