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for winter. These services include replacing your filter. Filter replacement is required every year in order to make sure it is functioning properly. Filters collect debris dirt, dust and more during any season. You need to ensure that the air in your home is clean. It is recommended that you clean your vents as well as registers regularly. This can help get rid of any debris on them that either prevents the air from entering or blows out with air. You should ensure that your registers are fully open all the way and there is nothing blocking them. It is important to remove items, furniture, and other items that are in the way and preventing the flow of air.

Walls and Windows

One of the best suggestions for winter home maintenance is ensuring that your house is adequately insulated. You can experience cold spots in your home and pay higher heating bills if you don’t have adequate insulation. Insulation is essential to ensure your house is comfortable warm, and efficient. Be sure to pay attention attention to attics, exterior walls , and garages. There are many types of insulation that are available like spray foam insulators.

There are other methods that do not require insulation and can help seal up cold areas near windows. Rope caulk, which can be flexible and moldable to seal all gaps or cracks you discover, may also be applied. This caulk can be removed at the end or when you want to make some thing permanent. Don’t believe it, but nail polish can be used to seal any crack. Better yet, the crack disappears by using clear nail polish. You can also use shrink films to cover the drafts in your window. It requires more effort and time to get the perfect technique. Also, consider using weather stripping or a draft snake in order to block drafts coming through the windows.

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