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They can also represent themselves in courts. However, there is a certain risk when citizens take it upon themselves to represent themselves in court.

One reason is that, when one files documents, they run the risk of making mistakes when filling out the forms. It is common for courts to not allow changes after someone is filed with the paperwork. Instead, they demand that the applicant fill out the form again, which usually results in paying additional fees.

Underestimating your spouse is another risk that can be posed while representing yourself in divorce proceedings. Your spouse may contest your divorce. There is a chance that you are fought in a battle with your spouse in relation to issues like visitation, custody, support for maintenance of spousal and property division, among others.

It is possible to lose your case if you don’t have a knowledgeable lawyer on your side. You should hire a divorce lawyer, regardless of how simple the matter may appear. It is impossible to predict what challenges and problems may arise which is why you should prepare yourself with the right approach.

2. Are Children Involved?

The next one of the steps to take prior to divorce is learning everything you need to know concerning child custody law prior to when going to court for a divorce. In this way, you’ll have one up on your spouse, and can work on improving your situation before you reach the courtroom. This is where you’ll need be able to investigate your options prior to making a court appearance.

Different Types of Custody Arrangements

Get information on the many custody arrangements you may have with the other parent. In the case of sole custody, it is when only one parent gets to see the child for all of the time, excluding short periods when which the other parent visits.

Joint custody can be described as an arrangement under which both parents have the legal and physical custody rights of the child 50% of the time. Many variations of this arrangement could be in place, which is why it’s important to study the options. There will be some things that remain in place.



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