7 Most Popular Patio Designs – Home Improvement Tips


Decks are often incorporated into hot tubs which are approved to provide a cozy atmosphere. The decks can be open particularly if animals live around the deck. However, owners have to take care where the food and drinks can be placed. Wind shields are essential for food preparation areas to ensure there is no need to worry about the possibility of it blowing away. Before incorporating this design the first step is to engage the services of a junk hauler to get rid of all your debris. It will help you can enjoy clean surroundings in the outdoor space. Different regions around the globe, decks have become very popular to design your patio.

6. Porch with Roof

A porch with an roof protects it from the elements and is the most popular choice of homeowners. Consider the main function of your porch in making it. The porch should be used to store things. An outdoor space or an additional one can be added to a home to hold small parties or get-togethers. In such instances, people must ensure that they have enough room to host guests, and also create areas for conversing and lounging away from the bustle in the house.

More often than not, most porches only cover about half the area of the house. Moreover, there is enough space for windows to be put in. Homeowners will decide on the design of their windows. Most homeowners favor an outdoor space that is big enough to hold two or more windows. Some prefer a single, larger window with at least 3 feet of length and 2 feet width.

Porches can be designed to cover all 4 sides of the home or even the entire home. Only one doorway leading inside. This design might restrict airflow, it is not a good idea to do so.


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