10 Frequently Asked Dental Implant Questions Answered – Uncovering the Dental Implant Process


They can perform bone grafting to build the jawbone for teeth to hold.

Implants are a great option for almost every situation. They are able to substitute missing teeth caused by dental decay or an accident. Implants are able to create a complete restoration where all teeth are replaced and can also be used to just replace one or two teeth which are damaged or missing.

Can Dental Implants Replace Wisdom Teeth?

Most dentists don’t want to replace wisdom teeth with another procedure, including dental implants. Implants need to be able to hold enough bone to hold onto and secure into. The area where the wisdom teeth sit is typically in the rear of the jaw. This is where the bone is smaller , and there is less room. Most dentists are not going to replace wisdom teeth as they’re not required.

Wisdom teeth are difficult to maintain and access. Also, they are challenging for dentists to deal with. It means that you’re really going to need them and that it can be difficult for your dentist to even access the space in which your wisdom teeth reside to put them in. They will likely remove wisdom teeth that are damaged or don’t have the correct position. If they have to do this, it’s unlikely they’ll intend to substitute them.

What is the difference between bridges and implants? Implants Compare to Bridges?

Still another of the most often asked dental implant queries is the way that these implants differ from dental bridges. It’s essential to comprehend the definition of a dental bridge prior to beginning. A dental bridge is fake teeth used to make it easier to close the gap. They are usually connected to teeth that remain inside the mouth. They’re affixed to those teeth. The bridges will be removed if teeth fall out or be



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