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Improve Search Engine Rankings to Help Your Business Grow

Written by SEO Reseller on September 17, 2013. Posted in Homepage

What do seo companies do

Every day, web users from around the world perform billions of searches on sites like Google. While some of them are just browsing and looking for information to kill time, many of them are doing product research or trying to make a purchase. Of those, 91%, according to a 2012 Pew Internet and American Life study, say that they find what they are looking for always or most of the time. Because of that, businesses who fail to having a high ranking site might not get seen by consumers looking for specific products or services. As a result, search engine optimization programs that boost domain rankings are a must for growing businesses.

More than half of all web users say that, over time, the quality of results has improved, and only a minuscule 4% believe that they have gotten worse. For the most part,